Our Aim
PASARC aims to bridge the gap between academic research and policy making in Pakistan through introducing practical solutions between academia and policy implementation. Public policy is often devoid of research conducted by the consultancy, NGO and academia sectors as the research conducted by these sectors is often not in line with the requirements of the government.  The Government sector seldom takes decisions on the basis of scientific research. Resultantly, there exists a plethora of research conducted in various institutions, which is purely theoretical and consequently of little use to the policy maker.  Such research work is typically shelved with very little or no readership.  Similarly, the education imparted by academia to its students is of theoretical nature as opposed to a practical one, while the training imparted to the government employees by their own institutes often does not meet the rigor of the modern day cutting-edge theory.  We ideally need to devise an engine where all the four components drive each other efficiently.
Our Objectives
To create a state of the art research institute to fill the existing gap between policy and research
To provide expert services to international donor agencies in proposing solutions to the administration issues as well as in executing field work even in remote areas of the country
To provide training and education to executives and students, respectively, imparting public administration and governance skills with practical internships in government