PASARC & Bipp policy Dialogue
PASARC has already set a mark towards fast track achievements in its pursuit of research and development studies. PASARC and BIPP conducted a well-structured policy dialogue in May, 2015 titled “STRATEGY FOR EFFECTIVE IMPLEMENTATION OF NATIONAL ACTION PLAN ON COUNTER- TERRORISM: STRENGHENING LAW ENFORCEMENT CAPACITY”. The policy dialogue was well attended by distinguished and renowned politicians, member from the Judiciary, Federal and Provincial Governments, Armed Forces, Pakistan Administrative Service, Private Sector CEOs and Journalists. They set commitments to action by all parties as a result of the carefully constructed, deliberative meetings that addressed both politically controversial and technically complex aspects of the Counter Terrorism Strategy.

The primary objectives of the Policy Dialogue was to: Initiate an inclusive process of policy making in the area of national security and law enforcement; Augment government's efforts to strengthen the institutions involved in law enforcement function; Analyze and identify the areas of capacity deficit in law enforcement with special focus on policy, accountability, citizen-law enforcement interface, government-security apparatus relations, institutional designs, organizational coordination and resources ; Prepare a strategy document for effective implementation of National Action Plan against terrorism and strengthening the law enforcement function for government's consideration; and contribute to national efforts for achieving peace and security and creating conducive environment for sustainable human development.